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The Full Story

About RYSW

RYSW was founded by Secoya Perignon in 2017. She was diagnosed with Goldenhars Syndrome at just five months old, which is what inspired her to empower other women. Her condition caused her to be bullied through school and suffer from low self-esteem. Secoya was questioned about actually being related to her family because she looked nothing like them. Everyone in her family had a beautiful smile while hers was crooked. No one in her family had half of the health issues she had. She's deaf in her right ear, has scoliosis, and heart disease alongside the GHS. 

For a long time, Secoya thought God was punishing her, but that was not the case. God knew just what he was doing. No matter the pain and struggles Secoya faced she still found a way to empower, inspire, and inform women of their worth. She has helped friends mend relationships with their mothers, helped mothers provide for their children, and helped women feel and look good with RYSW MERCH. Secoya has pushed past the limits man has put on her life. She is still setting goals and accomplishing them.  

Secoya wants every woman to REMEMBER THEIR SELF WORTH. Know that you are more than your appearance and can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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